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Supplier of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Jacking Systems for Jacking, Hoisting, Lifting & Moving.
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New Web Site 2024
New database driven website for 2024

New WB Equipment Corp. Web Site Design Launched in February 2024

New Creative Database Website for WB Equipment Corp.

New WB Equipment Corp. Web Site Design Launched in February 2024. Established in 1981, WB Equipment Service Corporation has become a trusted name in providing tailored hydraulic systems for diverse applications, specializing in Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Pumps, and Heavy Jack Lifting needs.

With field-tested systems thriving in extreme conditions, from sub-zero temperatures in the South Pole to scorching heat in San Antonio, our engineers ensure the design of the safest and most efficient hydraulic systems.

As a leading player in the equipment rental industry, WB Equipment Corp. excels in hydraulic jack rentals, offering solutions for unconventional applications. Their commitment to safety is evident in advanced features like velocity fuses on all hydraulic jacks, safeguarding against hose rupture during lifting or lowering processes. Clients rely on WB Equipment Corp. not just for superior hydraulic jacking systems but also for comprehensive support, with a knowledgeable team guiding users on equipment selection and usage.

WB Equipment Corp.’s comprehensive range includes hydraulic jacks, pumps, torque wrenches, presses, synchronous lift systems, re-bar grips, stressing jacks, flat jacks, and hoists, with capabilities extending to calibration, engineering, and rentals.

The company has solidified its position as a reliable partner, meeting the dynamic demands of industries requiring hydraulic jack rentals for various applications, including bridge raising, pipe jacking, and house moving. Their custom-built solutions and field services demonstrate a commitment to providing maximum stroke, unlimited tonnage, and custom hydraulic cylinders for heavy construction and industrial needs.

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Products Used in This Project
Enerpac Pumps Air
ATP1500, High Pressure Hydraulic Air Tensioning Pump, 21,750...
Enerpac Jacks Climbing
Maximum Cylinder Capacity Advance (short tons):  220
Enerpac Jacks-Skidding Systems-500
PTFE skid pads with dimpled surface for low friction and lon...

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New WB Equipment Corp. Web Site Design Launched in February 2024.
New WB Equipment Corp. Web Site Design Launched in February 2024

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