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Bridge Raising & Lowering

All cylinders calibrated and traceable back to NIST

Our custom hydraulic systems provide tailored solutions for raising or lowering diverse structures. Contact our engineers for personalized discussions on your specific applications, whether it’s bridge replacement, rehabilitation, bearing replacement, stressing cables, or beam replacement. Synchronous or simultaneous, short or long stroke, low height or locknut options –  ideal jacking system for your needs using Synchronous Lifting Systems.

Bridge Raising & Lowering

Custom hydraulic systems to raise or lower any type of structure. Give our engineers a call to discuss your applications.

Whether it’s bridge replacement or bridge rehabilitation we have the right system to do the job.

Tasks such as bearing replacement, stressing cables and beam replacement are made much easier when using the right jacking system.

Synchronous or Simultaneous, Short Stroke or Long Stroke, Low Height or Locknut – we have the right jacking system to perform the task at hand.

Give our engineers a call to discuss your application.

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victory bridge
Bridge Bearing Replacement

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